Saliva transport kit

A+CheQ Saliva Kit

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    Product information
  • • Product Name: A+CheQ Saliva kit
  • • Volume: Specimen transport medium: 2 ml / tube
  • • Packaging unit: 50ea / pack
  • • Components: 1 ea of sample transport medium, 1 ea of funnel
  • • Storage and Product validity period: 12 months at room temperature
  • • Storage after sampling: 15 days at room temperature or 60 days in 4 degrees in Celsius
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    Approval Information

Specimen transport medium (I20020.01), 1st degree IVD medical device item
Approval: Ministry of Food and Drug Safety IVD 20-1916

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    Purpose of use

Use for collection, storage and transport of virus samples from saliva

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  • • Check the product and packaging for any damage before use.
  • • This product is a single-use only and should not be reused, discarded after use.
  • • Only one sample should be used per one kit, never mix with other samples.
  • • Be careful not to touch the funnel.
  • • Never ingest the specimen transport medium, and if contact with skin or eyes, wash it under running water.