On-site diagnosis center

A+CheQ Nightingale platform

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    Nightingale platform

The Nightingale platform is One-stop & One-step integrated management platform, takes only an hour from reception to get a test result.

One-Stop & One-Step Integrated Management on site – Normalization of daily activities

  • • Screening of positives and negatives at the site with rapid testing
  • • Early detection of asymptomatic, weak positive spreaders
  • • Proton isolation and tracking management through periodic testing: Negative patients return to normal daily activities quickly
  • • Safe Card and Safe QR, “Safe Building” and “Safe Zone”
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    Advantages of the Nightingale Field Diagnostic Center
  • • Unique visualization software (easy to check test results)
  • • More than 5,000 tests per day (smooth supply and refrigerated transportation)
  • • It can be used as a diagnostic center for other diseases Post Covid-19.
  • • Export performance proving the excellence of the equipment
  • • Immediate response according to the environment of each place/facility as a mobile facility