Company philosophy

Mission and Value of AMSBIO

As a leader in medicine and bioproducts, AMS continues to develop innovative medicine and devices in order to improve the quality of human life and lead a healthier life.

The Primary Keys for AMSBIO

3 core values that AMS continues to pursue

AMSBIO has focused on bioproducts since founded in 2000.  We have faced various problems and have worked hard to solve them. However, we also realized that putting a priority on the problems is as important as solving them.  AMSBIO has set its own rules to solve various problems.

Innovation of technology, social responsibility, and global networking are the keys to solving all problems. We believe that maintaining these three at all costs is the true value that the bio-industry must pursue.

AMSBIO believe that the crucial purpose of R&D is innovation. The innovative medical products enable precise diagnosis. The treatment process is important, but an accurate diagnosis should be preceded before.

A product without its social responsibility cannot be a good product. Products only focused on profit eventually disappear without improving the quality of life. AMSBIO continues to invest in future value and is committed to manufacturing the products that truly benefit this society.

We are living in an era of global networking. The world is regarded as one society. The bio-industry also should produce products that meet the demands of the global market with cooperation. AMSBIO works with various organizations around the world to solve issues.

Studying and ResearAching

Endless innovation

More than Disease

Viruses and Bacteria continue
to be discovered and evolve.
The current treatments and medical products
will not guarantee the future.
We must continue to work harder than disease.
That’s why we don’t stop R&D

The top priority of Human being

Social responsibility

More than Profit

We, humans, strive to make products
for leading a better life,
but sometimes our efforts
can cause problems
for both humans and nature.

Global Coopreration for Health issues

Global networking

More than Domestic

AMSBIO is committed to contributing
to the safe and precise diagnosis through the products,
leading a healthier life for all.
That is AMSBIO’s social responsibility.